General Provisions

1.         The Club shall be called The Order of Rye Longbowmen herein after referred to as the Club.

2.         The funds and property of the Club shall be vested in the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

3.         All monies and donations received by the Club shall remain the property of the Club with no distribution amongst members.

4.         The object of the Club shall be the promotion of shooting the Longbow, in all its forms other than Bow Hunting.

5.         The shooting regulations as prescribed in the Club rules of shooting shall be accepted as those governing all aspects of shooting (see rules of shooting).

6.         The Clubs address shall be that of the current Secretary.

7.         The Club’s Constitution shall not be amended except at the Annual General Meeting, or at an Extraordinary General Meeting solely convened for the purpose.

8.         Members wishing to move such an amendment shall submit the proposal 28 days prior to the date of the general meeting at which it is to be discussed.  Notice of such a proposal shall be sent to all members 14 days prior to such meetings.

9.         The only bow allowed to be used in the Club shall be a Longbow as defined by the British Long-Bow Society with the exception of beginners/novices/juniors, who shall be allowed to use wooden flat bows.

10.        Beginners/novices shall be those shooting in their first year.

11.        Juniors shall be those under 16 years of age.

12.        Arrows used shall be made of wood, with feather fletchings, pile shall be of target, field or bodkin type.  Broadheads only by permission of committee under certain conditions to be agreed with them.


11.        The management of the Clubs affairs shall be entrusted to the Clubs Committee.

12.        The Club Committee shall consist of:-

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • A senior shooting member
  • A shooting member that represents the juniors

13.        The Officers (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer) shall be appointed by members at General meetings.  The Annual General Meeting shall elect other members to serve on the Committee.  The Committee may also entertain any other members that wish to be present.

14.        Should there be equal voting the Chairman shall have the deciding vote, and at Committee meetings on matters pressing for immediate attention.

15.        The Clubs Committee may appoint sub committees and invest in them such powers as necessary.


16.        The shall be four classes of members:-

  • Shooting
  • Junior shooting
  • Non shooting
  • Honorary

17.        Any person desirous of joining the Club may not be refused membership on the grounds of race, colour, creed or disability.

18.        Any responsible person agreeing to clubs aims and objectives, being over 16 years, shall be eligible for membership.  Any person refused membership by the committee on grounds of irresponsibility may appeal for full membership at the next general meeting.

19.        Honorary Members may be voted in only at general meetings for distinguished service and for periods to be decided upon at that meeting.

20.        All members shall accept the jurisdiction of the Club’s Committee and at all times shall conform to their conditions, shooting rules and regulations.

21.        If in the opinion of the Committee any member shall be deemed guilty of conduct which makes it undesirable for that member to remain a Club member then firstly, that members right to shoot shall be immediately suspended, and an Extraordinary General Meeting called within one calendar month the Club may then expel that member for whatever reason, and without explanation.  The Clubs decision at the EGM shall be final.

22.        Junior members shall only shoot when a full senior member is present, and novices shall do likewise for the first six months.  The shooting book shall be filled in and shooting fees shall be paid to the duty Field Captain per session.

23.        Any act of irresponsibility shall be reported to the committee within seven days or those present shall be held guilty of abetting such an act.


24.        All members as defined in paragraph 16 other than Honorary members shall pay their annual subscriptions to the club at such rates as determined by members at the AGM.

25.        If the financial year has only six months or less to run, 50% of the fees shall be payable.

26.        All subscriptions will become due by 01 October.  Any member who is unable to comply should contact a committee member within 30 days.

27.        Any member may resign by writing to the membership secretary.  No money is refundable.

28.        Club insurance does not include personal possessions.


29.        An Auditor shall be appointed by members at the AGM.


30.        The financial year runs from 01 September – 31 August.

31.        The Committee shall present at the AGM a balance sheet, showing the financial position of the club 10 days prior to that of the AGM together with income and expenditure accounts.

32.        A Bank/Building Society account shall be maintained in the Clubs name.  All withdrawals from such account (s) shall be signed by two of the Clubs officers.

General Meetings

33.        The AGM shall be held before the end of September each year at a place designated by the Clubs committee not less than 14 clear days notice of such meetings shall be given.

Extra Ordinary Meetings

34.        The Clubs committee, or 30% of the members, may call an EGM with the same notice as paragraph 33.  The proposal to be moved shall be sent with the notice to all Club members.  Only proposals sent as above may be discussed at EGMs.

Voting and Quorum

35.        At all general meetings:

  • 30% shall form a quorum
  • Each shooting member (senior of junior) shall be entitled to one vote
  • The Chairman shall have an additional deciding vote.


36.        The Club may be dissolved at a special general meeting called by the committee, or on the request of a minimum of 50% of the members.  If the resolution of dissolution is passed, the affairs of the Club shall be wound up forthwith and any assets be disposed of at the discretion of the committee.